‘This is a low, but it won’t hurt you’ (Blur)

On repeat. ‘This is low’. Repeat. ‘It won’t hurt you’.
Anyone else listening?
I have been a freelance artist in London since 1984. I am at the end of my 50’s, and I feel invisible. Everything has come to an end. Nothing works. The radical and pioneering work I made all these years has floated away, and left emptiness.
Anyone else?
This is a low.
Dearest friends have left London. Empty homes.
This is a low.
Dearest collaborators have left the UK. Empty projects.
This is a low.
Dearest family have left the world. Empty hearts.
This is a low.
It hurts.
Oh joy, determination, creative inspiration, return.
Oh kickass, do-it-your-self, fuck-you attitude, come back.
Repeat. It won’t hurt you.
The river still flows. And flows.
On repeat.
Flow will come again.
This is (a) f(low).

(Thank you Damon Albarn and Blur)

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